Next Gen- Modelling: Low Poly World submission

Mood boards and ideas:

When thinking of ideas and themes to base out low poly world on we wanted to make something that had a cool theme but also something we would think would have basic shapes and give that low poly feel. And we thought a west would suit our ideas perfectly.

These are some of the images that helped and inspired us when making out low poly world and vehicle.

My assets and contribution:

Cacti: This cactus was the first of my assets I made for my groups low poly world, since we were going for a cartoonish look I deiced to keep the model simple with a bright texture. Some simple extrudes and stretch tool was the way I made these


Saloon Doors: The saloon doors were a must have if we weren’t to make a western themed low poly world. To make this it was a little more complicated again using the stretch and extrude tools but also the mirror tool to create two duplicate doors.


Crates: The create were pretty simple to create as it was just a simple box but then I had to extrude all sides in wards to give it that indented look and then another rectangle in the gaps.

Poly World Renders:

redner 1 low polly worldredner 2 low polly worldredner 3 low polly worldredner 4 low polly worldredner 5 low polly worldredner 6 low polly worldredner 7 low polly world


Overall I am really happy at how my groups low poly world turned out as I think it fits the theme we were going for perfectly and gives off the western vibe we wanted with all of the assets fitting the scene perfectly. I especially look our vehicle, I think were wanted to go for a steampunk style vehicle and I think we nailed the design and texture perfectly.

However I do feel some of the renders, lighting and maybe some of the textures are a bit sloppy and could have been done. Some of the textures could have been better by UV mapping and the lighting could have done with a few extra touches. In regards with the renders maybe another render program could have been better.


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