NextGen-Concept Art: Turn Around Sheet

In today’s lesson we learnt how concept artists use turn around sheets to show off there character design as well as the character clothing, stances and facial expressions. There are many different kind of ways you can show off your character on a turn around sheet.

One way is with a simple drawing like the Riddler one I have here. I also shows off several other other costumes the character could have.

Another way to show off your turn around is through a complete rendered design which is shown here with the Tracer turnaround sheet.


Using my inspiration from my example I have decided to make my own turn around with my own character so that I can how off different stances and different angles of my character. To Make my character turned around show his back I just used my based image I used in my first drawing and then changed a few of the limbs positions to make it look like my robot is facing backwards. To color my robot I simple used a number of different grey’s to display a metal look and then a pink and red color for the brain. to colour my character I just used the fill tool.

Turn A sheet

Over all I am really happy at how my character has turned out and I think I look really cool, the colours especially bring the whole character together and make it just look cool. A thing I could really improve on is may be some more solid drawing but that fact isn’t too bad.


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