NextGen- Modelling: Starting and planning new modelling project

In today’s lesson we were told that we are going to start a brand new modelling project. This was include making a low poly world and a wacky race themed vehicle with any theme of our choosing. Am currently working in a team of  5 and we thought of a theme that would be cool and interesting to do, this being a western type world and vehicle.

When we chose our theme we went straight into research of low poly western worlds to get some inspiration. When researching this we found these 2 images that we believe would help us when creating the low poly stylized world.

low_poly_terrain_westernWorld example

We then had to research a wacky races type vehicle that we could make in maya that would suit our theme. We decided looking at steampunk style vehicles as well as types of transport that were around in that era. We found these images from Google and we decided a mixture of these vehicles would work brilliantly.




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