NextGen-Animation: Refining and polishing my walk cycle

In today’s animation lesson I continued to work on my walk cycle animation that I had previously begun in my previous animation lesson. As well as continue and eventually finish my animation I need to polish my animation after with any parts that don’t look particularly right.

In terms of finishing my animation I followed the walk cycle help sheet and made my key frames based on this, I then copied my first frame and brought it to the end frame to fully complete my walking cycle so that it looks like it looping as it should.

When refining my animation I added a number of different feature that makes my animation look a whole lot smoother. such as a foot roll or and foot break, theses feature make the foot in my roll off the floor in a realistic way. I also changed a few different key frames to that the last frame would flow to the beginning correctly.


Overall I am really happy at how my animation has turned as it looks really smooth and the added features of the foot roll, and afoot break gives my animation that added element of realism which I was really looking for when making this animation.

For next week I am going to further refine and polish this animation so that it looks perfect for batch rendering. The kind of thing I want to add is more of a bob to the waist to give my animation more of a exaggerated walk.


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