NextGen-Concept art- Character rig ideas

In today’s lesson we were told to do the task of create and think of character ideas for our character rig that we will be animating in a few weeks time, the theme of our character design is symbiosis. Regarding this idea I thought of a robot that was controlled by an animal of something else. I got this idea from mega mind in which a robot is controlled by a fish.


I then started to draw up my idea with help from a cartoon brain that I traced. As you can see my idea is heavily inspired by this design on mega mind.

My other Idea was a zombie type character that has all types of fungi/ mushroom and all sorts growing out if him. This idea was heavy inspired by games such as The Last of us and Left for dead.

Clicker   Boomeridle_1.png


Rig Ideas


Overall I am quite happy with the design of my character as they fit the theme perfectly and look exactly how I wanted it too as they are quite cartoony basic designs and that is what I wanted.


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